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Friday, June 14, 8:30AM - 5:45PM
81 Bay Street, Microsoft HQ, Toronto

Check the email you registered with for QR Code or see main floor security desk on arrival.

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Let's catalyze Canada's robotics sector, together

learn international best practices in robot adoption from the CEO of Denmark's robotics cluster

experience demonstrations of the latest robotics technology in healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

listen to sector case study lightning talks about how robots delivered real ROI 

participate in roundtable discussions on sector challenges and opportunities

network with leading experts from government, industry and academia from coast to coast

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Søren Elmer Kristensen
CEO, Odense Robotics


How Denmark built a world-class robotics ecosystem

The first seeds to Denmark’s robotics cluster were sown in the late 1980s as a partnership between a local university and a steel shipyard that needed flexible and precise welding robots. In the 2000s, Denmark went on to spawn globally-recognized firms like Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots. Today, the country has a full-fledged ecosystem of 500+ companies that have attracted over EUR 990 million in investments and employ 12,700 people.


What enabled Denmark to become a global hotspot for robotics?


According to Søren Elmer Kristensen, CEO of Odense Robotics, the Danish cluster succeeded in creating a positive narrative around robotics and automation as technological solutions to critical challenges, such as climate change, global labor markets, the aging population and resulting labor shortages.


In his keynote address, he will share how early partnerships between academia, industry, local government and a trade union is helping the industry reach its full potential across sectors and industries.


Signs of hope? A robotics perspective on Canada’s productivity crisis, innovation capacity, and global competitiveness

The Bank of Canada is warning that Canada has fallen starkly behind our international peers in productivity rankings and that our nation’s long-term prosperity is at risk. Some of the root causes of this “productivity emergency” include global forces that are outside our control, but are there reasons to be hopeful?


This panel session will combine perspectives from macro-economics, global operations, robotics OEMs and cutting-edge research to explore the complexities of operating effectively as a small trading nation in a global marketplace.


Globe and Mail - logo.png
Rita Trichur.JPG

Rita Trichur

Senior Business Writer and Columnist, Report on Business

The Globe and Mail

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John Belton.jpg

John Belton

Director, Human Resources and Industrial Relations


Headshot of Charles Deguire.


CEO & Founder


Jay Myers.jpg

Jayson Myers



Towards union: Investing in a robot-enabled labour force

Canadian labour unions are carefully monitoring technological changes for potential positive and negative impacts on jobs, wages, workplace safety, and worker rights. On the one hand, they are concerned that poorly designed and deployed systems will lead to negative consequences for workers, for companies and for society as a whole. At the same time, unions recognize that well-deployed technologies that proactively aim to improve working conditions and enhance worker ability can boost the productivity, workplace safety, and global competitiveness of the firms that adopt them – ultimately leading to a greater potential for business growth, the creation of high-skilled jobs, and higher wages.


This panel session will convene Canada’s leading trade union, one of Canada’s largest manufacturers, and a global expert in robot ethics and human-robot interaction, with the goal of moving past the robots-vs-jobs debate and towards identifying shared concerns and objectives.


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Rita Trichur.JPG

Rita Trichur

Senior Business Writer and Columnist, Report on Business

The Globe and Mail

Todd Deaville_edited.jpg

Todd Deaville

Vice President, Advanced Manufacturing Innovation

Magna International

ORI-logo (2).png

AJung Moon

Founder and Advisor

Open Roboethics Institute

Assistant Professor


McGill University

Kaylie Tiessen.jpg

Kaylie Tiessen

Economist, Research Department 



Executive Committee


Headshot of Ryan Gariepy.

Executive Committee


University of Toronto.png
Headshot of Hallie Siegel.

Managing Director,
Strategy & Partnerships

University of Toronto Robotics Institute

Industry Committee Co-Chair

Headshot of Pablo Molina.

CTO, VP of Product, Chairman

Avidbots Corp.

Government Committee
(in formation)

Headshot of Bruno Monsarrat.

Team Leader, Automation, Robotics & Intelligent Manufacturing


National Research Council Canada

& Training Committee Co-Chair

McGill University.png
Headshot of AJung Moon.

Assistant Professor

McGill University

& Training Committee Co-Chair

Universite Laval.png
Headshot of Francois Pomerleau.

Associate Professor

Norlab Université Laval


Presented by:


Denmark + Canada: Forging robotics and AI partnerships for mutual technology development and economic growth

Sponsored by: Invest Mississauga

Lead participants:

  • Charles Deguire, CEO, Kinova (host)

  • Søren Elmer Kristensen, CEO, Odense Robotics Cluster 

  • Jessica Burgner-Kahrs, Associate Director, University of Toronto Robotics Institute 

  • Padraic Foley, Director Strategy & Partnerships, Acceleration Consortium 

  • Keld Juulsgard, Investment Manager - North America, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

  • Christina Kakaflikas, Director Economic Development, Invest Mississauga

  • Nikola Maric, Advanced Manufacturing Business Integrator

  • Tej Khachh, Tech Sector Business Consultant

  • Michael Keoshkerian, Senior Advisor, Toronto Global

  • AJung Moon, Associate Professor, RAISE Lab, McGill University, Associate Member, MILA 

  • Record keeper: Sonia Sugumar, Associate Director Corporate Partnerships, Office of the VP International, University of Toronto 

Let’s get ready for Hannover 2025! Building a strong robotics presence at the Canadian Pavilion

Sponsored by: NGen

Lead participants:

  • Bridget Bohan, Director of Business Development, NGen (co-host)

  • Adriano Vissa, Executive Director, Partnerships, University of Toronto Engineering (co-host)

  • Record keeper: Catrina Kronfli, Senior Policy Advisor, Government Relations Office, University of Toronto

Keeping up with the Jetsons: Why Canadian adoption of robotics and automation is more critical than ever

Hosted and sponsored by: BDC

Lead participants:

  • Mary Ann Wenzler, Vice President - GTA West, BDC (host)

  • Andrew Allen, Director, Technology Strategy, MDA Space

  • Ryan Gariepy, CTO, OTTO by Rockwell Automation

  • Darren Gornall, President, CADMicro Solutions

  • Andrew Gowan, Regional Vice President, National Bank of Canada

  • Jackson Hamilton, Director, Venture Innovation - Deep Tech Venture Fund, BDC

  • Pamela Horan, Regional Manager, Partnerships for Ontario Region, BDC Partnerships

  • Eric Jackson, President, Cellula Robotics

  • Joe Laparco, President, AGS

  • Miran Markovic, Senior Manager, Policy Liaison & Committees, Toronto Board of Trade

  • Marni McVicar, VP Hardware Engineering, OTTO by Rockwell Automation

  • Jayson Myers, CEO, NGen

  • Maria Negulescu, Industrial Technology Advisor, IRAP

  • Thomas Park, Partner and Lead - Deep Tech Fund, BDC Venture Capital

  • Josh Richmond, VP, R&D Surgical Systems, Synaptive Medical

  • Record keeper: Catherine Pilkington, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Co-Founder, Kinova

Building demo and testing facilities that spur growth, learning and robot adoption

Hosted and sponsored by: Avidbots

Lead participants:

Union partnerships for an automation-ready future: Exploring technology deployment strategies for Canadian organizations that work for workers

Lead participants:

  • Shalaleh Rismani, Executive Director, Open Roboethics Institute (host)

  • Muriam Fancy, Board of Directors, Open Roboethics Institute (co-host)

  • Kaylie Tiessen, Economist, Unifor Research Department

  • Vincent Caron, Director - Policy & Ontario Government Relations, CME

  • Stewart Cramer, Chief Manufacturing Officer, NGen

  • Jay Judkowitz, VP of Product, OTTO by Rockwell Automation

  • Ramtin Attar, Co-Founder and CEO, Promise Robotics

  • Jessica Yip, Co-Founder, COO & Board Member, A&K Robotics

Lab-to-market IP transfer: How can we spin out more and better robotics tech in Canada

Sponsored by: University of Toronto Acceleration Consortium

Lead participants:

Creating industry-ready robotics graduates and innovation-ready companies: What are the necessary supports?

Sponsored by: MDA Space


Lead participants:

Driving innovation through customer feedback and collaboration

Lead participants:

Case studies and strategic messaging: How to get more Canadian manufacturers to invest in automation and robots

Lead participants:

  • Jim Beretta, President, Customer Attraction Industrial Marketing (host)

Filling the gap in the Canadian robotics talent pipeline through service leadership and outreach

Sponsored by: University of Toronto Robotics Institute


Lead participants:

Navigating Choices in Robotics: General Purpose Humanoids vs. Special Purpose Machines

Lead participants:

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