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  • Will it cost my organization anything to register?
    There is no cost to become a Registered Council Member. Those who register will become a listed person or organization of interest in our database, and will be added to our mailing list. Additional benefits are available to Sponsoring Members. Learn more.
  • Does my company, lab, or organization need to be of a certain size before we sign up?
    No! As long as your organization has a web presence, has an office or is located in Canada, and is involved in the robotics ecosystem in some capacity, you are welcome to become an organizational member.
  • I’m building robots on my own but I have a website. Can I still register with the Canadian Robotics Council?
    Yes! Robot hobbyists and enthusiasts, including students, are an important part of Canada’s growing informal robotics community. If you have a personal website and would like to be kept informed of Council activities, please fill out your information in the application form and select ‘Trade Schools/STEM Educators/Hobby Groups’ in the ‘Ecosystem Role’ section.
  • Who should fill out the form on behalf of my organization or unit?
    Anyone who has the authority to represent or make decisions for your organization or unit may fill out the registration form. Please ensure that your organization’s preferred lead contact / designate for the Council is submitted in the form.
  • My organization has multiple units or branches. Should each unit fill out the form separately? On which unit do I base my employee count/company size?
    If your organization has multiple units or branches with distinct leadership, each one should register separately. Examples include companies with branches in different cities, or different lab groups from the same university or institute. When indicating organization size / employee count, report the number of employees in the specific unit that you are registering.
  • I represent an existing trade, geographical, or other cluster/association. Can we collaborate?
    Absolutely! Please fill out your info in the application form and select ‘Advocacy/Policymaking Group’ or ‘Service Provider’ in the ‘Ecosystem Role’ section.
  • What is a ‘NAICS Code’?
    NAICS Codes are used by governments to indicate the overall purpose of the organization from an economic perspective within a North American context. It focuses on the primary ‘output’ of the organization.
  • Why are you collecting NAICS Codes?
    Collecting NAICS codes will help us show how our robotics ecosystem fits into the Canadian economy.
  • How do I know what my NAICS Code is?
    We have included a list of the most common NAICS Codes below, and on our How to Join page. If you are a public research lab/university: Select 611 (Educational Services) If you are a private research lab: Select 541 (Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services) If you build general purpose robots for multiple industries (arms, platforms, combination): Select 33X (Robotics Manufacturing) If you are a startup incubator or accelerator: Select 541 (Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services) If you are a consultancy or professional services firm: Select 541 (Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services) If you are a software development firm: Select 541 (Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services) If you are a private equity or investment firm: Select 523 (Securities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities) If you are a branch of the government: Select 921 (Executive, Legislative, and Other General Government Support)
  • Where can I learn more about NAICS Codes?
    More information about NAICS Codes can be found on the Statistics Canada website:
  • Can international organizations join the Canadian Robotics Council?
    Yes, international groups are welcome to register or become Sponsoring Members.
  • How can I get media from my organization included in Robotics Council outreach activities?
    Only Sponsoring Council Members are eligible for promotional benefits. We have a variety of sponsorship options to suite your size, budget and communication needs. Please see our annual membership page for more information.
  • How can I get involved in the Council in an organizational role?
    In general, only Sponsoring Council Members are eligible for committee roles. Please see our annual membership page for more information.
  • What will the Canadian Robotics Council do with my information?
    1. Aggregate and report on our findings: We will use your information to generate a baseline of organizations that make up the Canadian robotics ecosystem, and to publish aggregated statistics on domestic strengths and weaknesses as well as domestic demand for robotics solutions in the form of a Canadian Robotics Ecosystem Report. 2. Build communication and collaborative capacity: The contact information you provide will be used to invite you to participate in future networking events, capability exhibitions, challenge scenarios and other Council activities.
  • What will I get by registering with the Canadian Robotics Council?
    1. Ongoing visibility for your organization, and for Canadian robotics as a whole: The information you share will be used to help us establish a comprehensive and up-to-date map of the Canadian robotics ecosystem, and will be shared back with you via publicly-available ecosystem reports produced by the Robotics Council. 2. Community and network connections: You will be invited to participate in future networking events and activities where you will have the opportunity to showcase your capabilities, share your challenges, and strategize with the broader membership on how to build a robust and globally competitive robotics ecosystem in Canada.
  • Will there be networking events that I can attend?
    Yes. By registering with the Council, you will be kept informed of all upcoming events and other networking opportunities, including our annual symposium.
  • I would like to acquire the Council’s membership data. How can I do that?
    Anonymized data will be made available under favourable reproduction terms as part of the Canadian Robotics Council’s upcoming Ecosystem Report. Some non-anonymized data will be available to Sponsoring Members for networking purposes. Registered Members may make inquiries to the Council regarding specific networking opportunities.
  • Why is the Canadian Robotics Council launching now?
    The capabilities and adoption of robotics and autonomous systems are expanding at a rapid pace. It is in the interest of all Canadians to ensure that we are adopting this globally competitive technology in the right areas, in the right ways, and at the right times.
  • What’s the difference between the Canadian Robotics Council and other robotics-related associations in Canada? Is this a duplication of efforts?
    Several associations and agencies already exist across Canada, serving specific sub sectors or interest groups. Our membership leverages existing relationships to help coordinate activities and information between these groups.
  • How is the Robotics Council funded and staffed?
    The Canadian Robotics Council is a registered non profit, and is funded and resourced via contributions from the organizations associated with our Executive and Advisory Committees as well as by sponsorship of our events and annual membership. To ensure we make an impact while keeping our costs low, we rely on our community members to contribute their time and resources towards achieving our mission. If you are interested in contributing resources to the Council or becoming a Sponsoring Member, let us know. We will be happy to find a way to get your organization involved in Council activities.
  • How do you define the “robotics ecosystem” in Canada, and what kinds of organizations can register for membership?"
    We recognize that there are many parts to a healthy robotics ecosystem, each serving a different, but important function. For this reason, we interpret “robotics ecosystem” in its broadest sense. The registration form categories capture most of the organization types that make up the formal and informal parts of the robotics ecosystem in Canada.


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