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Call for Submissions:
Best-in-Class Case Studies

Canadian Robotics Council 'Sector Studies'  are a deep dive into the issues that are important to Canada today, tomorrow, and several years in the future - and a look at how robotics solutions can help solve these challenges.


The Sector Studies aim to educate Canadian individuals, businesses, academics, and government on how Canada can leverage robotics technology to fuel economic growth, solve social problems, and improve quality of life for Canadians.

To achieve this goal we need your help!

Use this form to share examples of best-in-class robotics deployments around the world.

Once we have confirmed that an example will be used as part of the Sector Studies project we will reach out to let you know.

Thank you for your submission! We will share further updates about the Sector Studies project via our regular mailing list. Keep an eye on your inbox for news.

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